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Damien Darkblood has a power called "heat resistance" that may appear in future seasons of Invincible. Unlike the TV version, comic
In Minnesota, firefighters were called to the scene of a deer who had gotten stuck on thin ice in the middle of Pike Lake. The animal couldn’t stand up on the slippery surface, worrying neighbors who
LEWISTON, Maine - Maine is offering free college tuition to those wounded in the Lewiston mass shooting, as well as to the families of the people who were killed."Those who were physically injured
Prices start at just $10.The holidays are a wonderful time… until you realize you have to secure a gift for your mom, BFF, coworker, hometown barista, and the list goes on. News flash: You don’t have
With less than two months before the world’s largest cruise ship Icon of the Seas debuts in Miami, the CEO of Port Canaveral confirmed Royal Caribbean will be sending sister ship Star of the Seas to
A new treatment for high cholesterol, which uses gene-editing technology, can reduce LDL cholesterol levels up to 55 percent.
PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- There's a small chance the vivid colors of the aurora borealis could be visible in Pennsylvania on Thursday night, when solar wind causes a geomagnetic storm.Numerous solar
For some, pizza is simply food. For others, it's a way of life. But everyone can agree that it's delicious. And while the cheesy, saucy concoction might hail from Italy, Americans have made it
Sports Illustrated scrubbed its site of AI-generated content that included bylines and photos for authors that don’t exist, according to a report.The publication — once home to authors like John
Rough sleepers are being offered temporary shelter with temperatures set to plummet.Dorset Council has triggered its emergency cold weather provision for homeless people due to a significant cold
An overcrowded animal shelter has launched a desperate plea to find forever homes for some of its longest-residing dogs. Thurman, Barkley, Beau and Turk are all mixed-breed dogs who have spent a
The samurai genre in Japanese cinema has given rise to incredible films that explore society and cultural landscapes. Akira
Using the internet and mobile phones is not bad for your mental health, a new study has revealed.
This season of giving, Willis Dady Homeless Services is accepting donations for people experiencing homelessness. The shelter is challenging the community to help donate its goal of 200 stuffed
The Simpsons Movie 2 has the opportunity to reclaim the show's enormous popularity and attract more attention than the show has had in a decade.
What you need to know The Xbox November update improves several areas of the gaming experience across both PC and console gaming.The Xbox app for PC now has a Compact mode that optimizes the app for
No. 26: Single mom seeks help after job loss, car expenses This family’s caseworker said this mother is a very responsible parent, working hard to make a stable home for her two daughters
AUSTIN (KXAN) — ‘Tis the season! As holidays festivities ramp up heading into December, so, too are the number of community events aimed at making memories and spreading holiday cheer. Among those
Having a big family comes with its own set of challenges. Something like ensuring everyone eats simultaneously can feel like a daunting task. This is even true for big families of dogs.These
Nov. 30 (UPI) -- People with persistent ringing in their ears, or tinnitus, are suffering from auditory nerve loss that goes undetected in standard hearing tests, a new U.S. study has found. The

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