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SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB/WSHM) - The Springfield Thunderbirds announced on Tuesday that through the T-Birds charitable foundation.A donation of almost $11,000 will be made directly to those impacted
The people who live in Wisconsin are proud to call it their home. The midwestern culture is clear from the second you step foot in there. There are plenty of areas where you don't need to lock your
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10 Days to the NFR: No. 10 Jess Pope
The Wrangler Nationals Finals kicks off in 10 days at the Thomas & Mack arena in Las Vegas. The NFR will take place from Dec. 7-16.Three-time NFR-average winner, Jess Pope, is looking to win his
People who get the flu vaccine may have improved heart health, according to a recent study published in Scientific Reports.Researchers from the Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences in
MINNEAPOLIS — After a disappointing Thursday night, some Minnesotans may be able to enjoy the northern lights again late Friday. While conditions were supposedly ideal overnight, it seems the solar
Bavaria is a special place with gorgeous scenery, delicious cuisine, and a festive atmosphere. But did you know that there are some places that keep the Bavarian spirit alive right in the United
More than 600 military veterans received free meals at a Mexican restaurant in Anaheim, thanks to a salute from the restaurant's owner as well as help from a group that supports disabled veterans
Brace yourself for a moment that'll tickle your funny bone because this one involves a couple of German Shepherds facing off with their feline foe, also known as the stairway guardian! This canine
CLEVELAND (WJW) – There’s an urgent need for new ways to treat pancreatic cancer and Ohio researchers are on the cusp of a potential breakthrough. Early data shows a hyperglycemic state, elevated
Police in Oregon say they rescued 15 abandoned dogs from a stolen U-Haul truck at a truck stop on Thanksgiving Day. According to a news release from Oregon State Police, troopers
Hello, Iced Gingerbread Squares!December is just around the corner, which means it’s already time to start thinking about the winter holiday season. With that in mind, Trader Joe’s has begun to roll
A holiday isn't a holiday without loved ones, so it's only right for some owners to bring their canines with them, but one dog apparently didn't get the vacation memo.A video of Squash, a Bernese
Locals in south London have rescued a Christmas tradition after Sadiq Khan’s Ulez scheme threatened to scupper a Santa parade.Each December, the Rotary Club of Carshalton Park tows a Santa’s house
Volusia County Sheriff's Office rolls out new technology that could cut response times down
Although some might refer to anime, or animated television shows, as a kind of show that’s for a certain type of person, anime is more popular than ever. Even before the arrival of streaming
The first time I spoke with Everett George, division director at a unique place in Columbia Heights called La Casa, he wasn’t actually at La Casa, an apartment building for men who once lived on
It's all too easy to forget that Nvidia's AI-accelerating uber-GPUs started off as little more than an experimental offshoot from graphics chips for gaming PCs. So, if we do end up as slaves to
DC Comics is home to many of the greatest superheroes and supervillains of all time. While Marvel gets all the attention, DC has done more to diversify the superhero comic medium than their

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